About Us

ACROLT is very much about satisfying the requirements of the rider. In this regard our first focus is the frame which is the soul of the bike.

Innovated idea of design, customer-driven focus, product excellence, outstanding performance and value for money are the best description of our brand ACROLT.
Offering a unique blend of expertise and fantastic customer service, we stand out from the crowd through the sheer passion and enthusiasm for what we do.
For your cycling needs there is simply no other destination.

Acrolt has aimed to get everyone into cycling because we know the incredible benefits that cycling can offer.
With over 100 business partners in 50 cities across india, acrolt has made its name for mountain bikes , which focuses on the balance between price and quality.
With over 20 models divided into 5 categories acrolt bikes are a perfect choice for both amateur cyclist and professionals.
We simply excist to serve our customers and to deliver superior customer experiences.